So another week has kicked off and I feel like the weekend was totally unproductive. Its not that I was lazy or anything, but I felt like I should have gotten more accomplished. Oh well, here is to next weekend!

My Arizona Cardinals lost this weekend. It was a nail biter and it shouldn’t have gone to the Redskins, but good teams overcome adversity and the Cardinals definitely fell short on that mark.  Next week they play the hated Seahawks in Seattle.  It should be a good game and it should be another win. The team shows promise, but their young secondary on defense is getting creamed.

Both boys won their Soccer games this weekend.  Connor’s team once again crushed their opponent (7-2) and made it look easy.  There is one kid on the team who is a bit of a ball hog, but he scores a lot. I don’t think he’s that good really, but he WANTS that ball like no one else. He did better passing this week and I’m glad the coach recognizes the need for it.  Zachary’s team, the one I coach, won their game this last weekend (5-3). It was awesome watching the work we put in during practice last week come to fruition. I was so proud of all of the boys who played, even more so since we were missing people and had no substitutes. It was a great one to watch and I look forward to this weekends game as well.

Editing is going slow, but I’ve managed to put together a few short pieces for fun.  I need to spend more time putting together another submission for the place I was rejected. Perhaps I’ll work on that this weekend.

This week I’m starting a recomitment to the Gym. It’ll have to be at night, which sucks, but I need to do it for my health, my looks and my family.

That’s all for now I guess. I hope you have a great week whoever you are!

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