That’s right. The results are in and Percivale won. His purple Draconian Mage was the clear favorite. Congratulations, Percivale! You are this month’s winner and it was well deserved. All of the contestants did a great job and I look forward to next month’s challenge.

So first, let’s take another look at the contestants and identify them:




So the results:
There were a total of 50 votes over the course of the week.
Percivale: 22 Votes
Papachicken: 15 Votes
Innocenteric: 13 Votes

It was pretty close after the first day, but Percivale took a commanding lead, having more than half the votes at one point, and he never let go.

As the winner of this month’s contest he gets to pick the next miniature, so here it is:

A special thankyou to MZ4250 for putting out such amazing miniatures. Find last month’s miniature here.

If you are interested in joining the fun join my discord and let me know.

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