This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and Tracy found us an awesome event at Spandex City Comics, so we loaded up the family and headed out. We started out with a visit with a pair of Scout Troopers from the 501st Regiment North Carolina Chapter. The two guys that were there were absolutely awesome. They talked with us and the kids and were more than happy to pose for pictures.  Katie was pretty impressed with them and did not want to lose sight of them. I tried to get her to say Darth Vader for them, but she was being shy. And yes, my daughter can say Vader. I will fully admit that I spent about an hour looking into how I could make armor of suitable quality so that I could join the 501st. Maybe once I have a house with a garage I could find someone local who would help me out.

After that we got to go inside and get our free comics. For the most part the boys picked out Marvel titles, with an emphasis on Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m just guessing they’re a bit excited for that movie.

After the comics it was all about the Sith lightsaber training. Zachary wasn’t sure he wanted to do it since he would be in front of a bunch of people, but we convinced him to give it a try and he had a great time with Connor. Katie was not at all sure about the Sith Lord and her Apprentice though. They would come around and she would grab on tight and keep them right where she could see them.

Once the training was done it was a quick stop for ice cream and then the long drive back home.

It was a great day and I look forward to doing t again next year….only with costumes next time.



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