Updates for February

A Murder of Wizards Update

The A murder of Wizards Kickstarter is all but finished. With the exception of one backer that is incomunicado, all backers should have their rewards by now (except the limited edition novella, which is in rewrites).

For the months of February and March, I have lowered the price of the e-book on Amazon and other e-book providers, so if you have not gotten a copy yet, now is a great time to do so. I’ve also added all of the books to the shop here, so if you want to buy a signed paperback copy, you can order it directly from me. E-book and hardback versions will be coming soon.

Starting February 19th, A Murder of Wizards will be featured on Bargain Booksy and other sites with the reduced price, and on March 18th, there will be a blog tour run by Bewitching Book Tours, who did a book tour for my first book, Apocalypse Rising.

Great reviews keep coming in and can be found on a number of the sites listed below. There are now 22 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of five stars. I could not be happier with the positivity of the reviews and look forward to seeing more. The response to the book has been amazing, and I really appreciate all of the support.

You can pre-order the book here: Amazon or Draft2Digital.

Merch Shop Changes

I’ve added new merch in the form of some home goods suggested by customers and I am always looking at new options. I’ve also added all of my books in Paperback format. Soon, I’ll have the E-book and Hardback options available as well.

I am happy to announce a partnership with Valkyrie Apparel. Their clothes are awesome, and I own a couple of their shirts, including this sweet King in Yellow tee:

New announcements will be coming as the Valkyrie Apparel designs are added to the MyWritersCramp Shop.

You can find the current clothes, books, and other goods in the Shop here. Pick up your merch, and let me know what you think.


On Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM Eastern, I livestream miniature painting and gaming. It’s a great opportunity to say hello and talk with me as I run a very social stream with an active Discord Community. You can check out the stream HERE.


New posts with a gaming focus will start showing up as my focus shifts away from computer gaming to Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Next month marks one year since I moved from running D&D campaigns online to in-person. Some accompanying YouTube posts will come with the posts.

I have been behind in posting pictures from the miniatures I have been painting, but that will be changing soon. I’ve been a bit distracted with all of the writing work, and more so with my 3-D printers going down. I’ve fixed the issues, and some new prints will be coming shortly.


Do you have any topics you would like covered in TTRPGs or Writing? Is there a game you would like to see when I stream? What about a miniature you would like me to paint and do a video on?

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