2014 Will Be A New Year

I know, I know, of course it will be a new year, but for me it will be unlike any new year I have had in a long time.  Why is that, you say? Well let me tell you.

Last week, Tracy and I took a leap of faith and I gave notice on my night job. It added a little extra money to the household coffers, but it took time away from Tracy and the kids that I won’t be able to get back. I knew it was the right choice the moment I told the boys and Connor did his little excited dance and ran over to hug me.  It think that my working at night upset him the most. I’m a good guy, so even though the temptation was to just quit, I gave two weeks notice, so my last day will be the last Thursday of the year.

Quick on the heels of that I was offered a position with a company that is located so close to my apartment that I could literally walk there and still make it there before Tracy can get to work driving. It is step in a positive direction that will hopefully see us in a house before too long. I’m really excited about this job and look forward to getting started on the 30th of December.

So how’s that for a new year? No night job and a new day job right off the bat.


Happy New Year indeed!

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