So the grand day has come and gone. The race went off without a hitch and was the best of the three we have participated in. The last couple of years the top five or six racers were known after the first race, but this year the top spots changed around with almost every race (though the number one spot never changed, he was just that good). By the end of the fourth and final round of race the difference between the leader and the last place car was only three and a half tenths of a second. That is just rediculously close. Neither Connor or Zachary place inside the top ten, but Zachary managed a fourteenth place finish with Connor ended in twenty-first. I played my usual role of running the times and organizing the heats. It sounds glamorous, but really it is not much more than making sure the program runs and that everything gets printed out. At any rate, it was a fun day enjoyed by all!

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