Tomorrow is the Official Release day for my first book, Apocalypse Rising. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that from April, 2011 through April, 2012 I worked on a little side project where I wrote at least 100 words per day on a single story. Apocalypse Rising is the culmination of that project. Most of the story has been posted here, but I will be taking those posts down today, so if you want to read it you will have to buy a copy of the book. The book will be available in numerous locations in all of the standard electronic formats as well as in paperback. I’m looking at options for direct sales so that I can sell autographed copies for those interested.

So what else is going on? Well I’ll be starting a new 100 word per day story on June 2nd, so you will have some new fiction to look forward to. I’m taking a different approach on this next year’s story, but don’t worry, I’ll be working on the sequel for Apocalypse Rising which should be available by the fall. Just because I got one book out doesn’t mean I’ll be slowing up on my writing; if anything it means I need to write more than ever.

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