For more than a year now i have been diligently posting on a daily basis (yes i missed a day or two, but i always made up for it right?), then last week i go silent. At first it wasn’t intentional, i just had a lot on my plate and missed a couple of days, but I eventually decided that i deserved a little break.

This year has been crazy so far. I finished writing Apocalypse Rising, I started a second job and the biggest event of all, I found out that I am going to be a dad again. You could say that I have had a very full plate.

So what has been going on?

I have been editing like crazy, putting the finishing touches on Apocalypse Rising so that on June 1st it will be ready for purchase (at least in e-book form). Along with the editing comes the anxiety of self promotion. I am not the best spokesperson for my own work because it feels presumptive of me to tell others how great my writing is, but I am learning to overcome my own humility.

My youngest son broke his arm at the beginning of April and missed all but the last two regular season games and the end of season tournament. He played well and the team earned their second championship in two seasons. He did really well considering how much of the season he missed. Now we will be back to karate and three days a week.

Zachary is taking art classes and continues to be the most creative person in the family. I hope he continues to pursue his art and that some day I will be able to use his art on one of my book covers.

Well that is enough of an update for now. I hope this finds you well and that you pick up a copy of my book next month.

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0 thoughts on “Eric, Where Have You Been?

  1. AJ Beamish

    The little one looks like he’s got something planned. Keep your eye on him! joking, they’re adorable. Keep the dream alive, Eric. *-)

    1. Eric Swett

      Oh you would be so right AJ. The little one is always planning some mischief, but I love that about him.

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