Last week the big day finally came. I finished filling cracks (more on that later), the base was stable and the Dragon was finally stable as well. The next step? Priming.

I setup a workbench outside on a nice, sunny day and prepped for priming.

I opted for three colors to prime with. I used black to catch the underside of the wings and the base. I then used Red to catch the body and wings. Finally I used white to cover the dragon’s belly.

It dried pretty quickly in the sun and looked pretty good on it’s own.

I set it up in the garage to let it dry for a couple days before starting on painting.

Of course, it would not be The Great Dragon Project if there were not issues. I brought it into the house and put it on my desk with the bright lights shining on it. When I took a look at it I found that my gap filling job was not as good as I thought it was. I found plenty of gaps and some spaces where the Green Stuff was used with an overly heavy hand.

I sought the help of the internet to figure out what to use to fix these issues and was given many great ideas, but I’ll be addressing that on the next episode…which will hopefully include me starting to paint…finally.

Have you found more gaps after priming? What did you use to fix it and other problems? Let me know in the comments.

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