Daily Food Intake
Breakfast22oz coffee w/ flavored creamer
AM SnackOrange
LunchSplit Pea Soup
PM SnackOrange
DinnerItalian Sub Sandwhich
DessertOrange, Soy Milk






I overslept and felt rushed for the rest of the morning, but I had slept well. I made it through the day without much difficulty, but I had forgotten my water bottle, so I was thirsty for most of the day. I probably could have chosen better for dinner, but it was tasty and not overly heavy. I lacked energy today and would have been happy heading to bed early, but my wife and I worked on the finances and planning our meals for the next week. Once my head hit the pillow though I did not stay awake for more than a few minutes.

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  1. Peratict

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