Book Review: Alt.Histroy 101

What if? It is a simple question. What if I hadn’t gone to work this morning? Would I still have gotten in a car wreck in the afternoon? What if I had taken Mary to prom instead of Nancy? Would I still be a teenage father? What if? Alt.History 101 asks, “What if?” on a much larger scale, considering the implications of small changes on a world scale. The collection of short stories is a fun, and often terrifying, glimpse … Continue reading

Book Review: Song of Secrets

Shifting was weird. Transformation always felt like being hit in the forehead so suddenly that her consciousness fell backwards out of her body. There was a dizzying minute while she got her bearings. She’d learned not to move during that time. Theo thought the shift ought to make a vibration like a bell being struck, but without sound. It didn’t, but the tingle of ionization, like the sensation and smell that preceded lightning, followed her through from whatever magic space … Continue reading

Beyond the Darkside: 30-7 to 9

Hanse led Evan through a twisting path of shelves and racks until they came to a long line of cages that surrounded a central building that stood well above the rest of the wire and steel structures that dominated the large, cathedral-like space. As they drew closer to the building, Evan noticed sensor and cameras at the corners of the structure and knew that their target was inside.

Beyond the Darkside: 30-5 to 6

The box chirped and squealed as it sorted through the possible codes until it found what it was looking for. With a muted clang, the door latch slid open. The seal between the tunnel and the warehouse above was broken with an audible hiss as the warm air of the tunnel rose into the warehouse. The stale scent of the confined space was even more putrid when compared to the filtered purity of the warehouse. Evan sniffed and said, “You’re … Continue reading

Beyond the Darkside: 30-1 to 4

CHAPTER THIRTY The tunnel’s dark interior was slick with moisture. Phosphorescent algae ringed the hatch that led into the warehouse. That there was water beneath the structure meant that it was old, so old that no one had bothered to retrofit it with proper seals. “This can’t be right,” Evan said as he ran his fingers down the wall. “We’re too deep. There shouldn’t be water.” “Shouldn’t be doesn’t mean there isn’t,” said Hanse. “But the warehouse can’t still be … Continue reading