Book Review: The Children of Darkness

We are a slave to those who teach us, unless we teach ourselves. Great mysteries remain that way when knowledge is hidden away. Controlling information is an easy way to keep people in line and under your thumb. When the teenagers of Little Pond learn the truth about the world they live in and the lies being told them by the Vicars, they know that they have to do something about it, but will the people who have kept in … Continue reading

Guest Post: David Litwack

Hey there, friends! I bring to you today a guest post by author, David Litwack. The first book of his new The Seeker series is now available and he has taken the time to give us a glimpse into his thoughts on how popular Dystopian characters would view our world of today. Give it a read and make sure you check out his new book, The Children of Darkness.   It’s finally here! Children of Darkness – Book One in … Continue reading

Book Review – Logos

BOOK REVIEW – LOGOS It is easy to forget that the stories written in the bible involved people outside of the main characters and their families. Real people living their lives in a time of great change were deeply effected by the coming of Jesus and the occupation of Palestine by the Romans. The priests, tradesmen, nobles and their families had to survive in a time of upheaval and chaos as the Jews tried to rise up from centuries of … Continue reading

Cover Reveal – The Children of Darkness

Here we have another cover reveal. This time it is for David Litwack’s Children of Darkness. This is one I plan on picking up and doing a review for because the premiss sounds so awesome and the cover is a thing of beauty. Check out the information below and make sure you enter for the giveaway. I’m certain you won’t regret it. Author David Litwack’s newest book Children of Darkness has an awesome new cover! Read about the book, check … Continue reading

Cover Reveal: His Lily by Angela Fattig

Okay my friends, I am pleased to reveal the cover for the latest book by author Angela Fattig. The book is His Lilly, and it is a steamy romance that promises plenty of passion and drama. Angela is an excellent author who knows how to titillate and engage the reader. While romance is not my usual thing, I am looking forward to getting my hands on this one, so without further ado, I present to you, the cover of Her … Continue reading