Apocalypse in the Balance For Your Listening Pleasure

Today is the last day of my Kickstarter, so I posted a video update where I read from the first chapter of Apocalypse in the Balance. I hope you enjoy it and click HERE to visit my Kickstarer Campaign and become a backer.

Book Review: Galerie

Welcome to the Galerie Tour with Author Steven Greenburg Book Review by Eric Swett Survival is an instinct all animals share. Fight or flight. When humans are put into a position where survival is on the line, there is no telling what they might do. Fight or flight can turn to surrender or barbarism in the blink of an eye. Vanessa Neuman is haunted by survival. How did her parents, grandfather and uncle survive when so many others died during … Continue reading

Beyond the Darkside: 30-15 to 16

The hiss and clang of a door opening in the distance brought Evan’s head around. “Hanse, I think we have company,” Evan said as loud as he dare without giving away his position. “Hanse?” The sound of heavy booted feet running across the ferrocrete floor made Evan get to his feet. “They’re getting closer, Hanse,” Evan called out. “Just hold on,” Hanse yelled back. “I almost have it.” At the far end of the row, a pair of helmeted men … Continue reading

Inspired and Feeling Fine

Last night I got a little…emotional while watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. I recorded a couple of videos and I’ll be sharing one of them here in a moment. Don’t worry, it’s not me blubbering for seven minutes. I talk about the trailer’s effect and how Star Wars is a source of inspiration for me. On another note, I made my older son get out of bed a little early this morning so that I could … Continue reading