Beyond the Darkside: 32-9 to 12

“You know her?” Evan asked. “Know her? Hell, wonder boy, she’s my wife,” Hanse said with a foolish grin. “Wait, you’re married?” “What? You think I spend all of my time keeping an eye on you?” He turned and smiled at his wife. “I have this lovely creature to come home too.” “Not that you do,” Debra said. “You haven’t been home in three days.” “Well I’ve been busy,” Hanse said. “Obviously, but would it hurt to check in every … Continue reading

Beyond the DarkSide: 32-6 to 8

“Well I’ll be damned,” Hanse said. “What? What is it?” Evan asked while frantically looking about. “It looks like we’re saved.” Hanse picked up his pace, bounding forward with long strides that ate up the distance. Evan chased after him, but he watched the distance between them grow. He worried that the revolutionary intended to ditch Evan and save himself. Then he saw the shuttle. The dull mustard yellow shuttle sat between two craters and blended in with the surroundings. … Continue reading

Beyond the DarkSide: 32-4 to 5

They trudged on in silence, heading in the direction of the relay. After ten minutes, Evan stopped looking over his shoulder for the DarkSide security shuttle. After twenty, he wished it found them instead. The never ending sea of grey dust and rocks made estimating time and distance almost impossible. Despite what the oxygen gauge on Evan’s suit suggested, he was certain they would run out of air at any moment. “We should turn back,” Evan said. “I’m sure security … Continue reading

Beyond the Darkside: 32-1 to 3

CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO Evan peeked from behind the bus-sized boulder, wishing his emergency space suit provided better visibility, he did not see anyone walking around. Hanse assured him that it would take a little while for the security team to put on their own suits, but Evan was not so sure. The guards seemed very interested in catching them and Eva did not relish the idea of getting dragged before Aldric. He bounded across the distance to the next large boulder … Continue reading

Beyond the DarkSide: 31-14 to 15

“I’ll need the location,” Debra said, “and a budget.” “Fine,” Margaret huffed. She tapped the screen of her terminal, sending Debra the location of the warehouse and access to an account for expenses. “Done. Now get me what I want.” Debra turned and walked from the room without saying a word. Margaret watched the woman leave and briefly considered having her shot before she left, but the woman’s record suggested she was someone that got the job done, and Margaret … Continue reading