Beyond the Darkside, 29-3 and 4

Aldric was a man of strong passions. Milquetoast men did not accumulate wealth and power. If there was a hallmark to Aldric’s leadership style, it was that he was an efficient planner with a keen eye for the moment to act. His negotiations often turned on some key change in the economy or the opinions of the masses. The fact that he was the puppeteer hiding in the shadow, pulling the strings of people and governments alike, was known by … Continue reading

Beyond the DarkSide 29-2

Pulling his hands away, Aldric looked at them and sneered at the blood that still covered them. He was no Lady MacBeth, railing against the guilt that plagued him, but he was a murderer. As the head of the largest lunar corporation he was responsible for the death of thousands, but there were usually hundreds of people between him and whatever unfortunate soul got in his way. The interview room was clean, the video erased and the bodies disposed of … Continue reading

Beyond the Darkside, 29-1

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE Aldric sat with his head in his hands and his eyes closed tight. He didn’t want to look around the office. Even though the lights were off and the door closed, the darkness did little to prevent him from seeing everything. Ever since the accident his vision had improved to the point of being unnatural. Even the pitch black confines of a sealed lab did not prevent him from seeing. A dead room shielded from all forms of … Continue reading

Eric, Where Are You?

It has been quite some time since I have posted a blog entry, almost four weeks to be exact, and it has been quite some time since I’ve had this long of a break, so I thought I would give you a little update as to why I’ve been so silent as of late. The week before Christmas I was suffering with a little pain in my left ankle. I figured I had sprained it or pulled something there in … Continue reading

Book Review – Fire and Dust

Book Review

War is an ugly business. There is conflict from the top to the bottom, between enemies and allies alike, and it is hard to survive the matter. But survival comes in many forms. For some it is enough to live, to see the other end of the war with breath in your lungs. For others it is not enough to live, but to maintain one’s integrity and honor. War breaks men down, brings out their best and worst qualities as … Continue reading