Book Review: Cephrael’s Hand

Making the right decision seems like an easy thing to any person observing from the outside. There is distance between them and the events taking place. They have a view devoid of the passion of the moment, they see what has happened, and what the consequences may be, but they are not pressed by the urgency of the moment and they rarely understand the full scope of what they think they know. To make a decision from within can be … Continue reading

Book Review – Trophy Target

Deep in the jungle of French Guiana, a once anonymous soldier of the French Foreign Legion mysteriously disappears. Days later, word reaches his younger brother, Prince Erik Rohde, second in line to the Danish throne. Doubting the government’s capabilities and questioning the Prime Minister’s sincerity, Erik turns to the world’s top mercenary, Fadi Khaldun, to rescue his brother. Fadi Khaldun is a former assassin of the Saudi government determined to make amends for his malicious past. Since making his debut … Continue reading

Beyond the Darkside, Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE Aldric laid in bed, looking out the window overhead. It was one of the few luxuries he afforded himself. Having windows on the moon was expensive, and a little dangerous, but being locked inside his labs for most of his waking hours made him crave the open view into the abyss of space. Seeing the stars move overhead game him a sense of time and purpose. “We should be out there by now,” he said. Margaret mumbled something … Continue reading

What Next?

What Writing Project Should I Tackle Next? Now that Apocalypse in the Balance is all but done, what do I do next? Obviously I need to spend some time promoting the new book, but there has to be more going on than that, right? So what am I considering? Well, I have two categories. The first category is filled with the things I have to do and the second is filled with what I would like to do.  Neither of … Continue reading