Apocalypse In The Balance Cover

So for the last week I have been running a Kickstarter Campaign to prepare for the launch of my new book, Apocalypse in the Balance. I haven’t brought it here until now because quite frankly I didn’t see this as being the best place to promote the Kickstarter since I have been slacking on this site as of late. Granted, the slacking has been to the focus on finishing the editing on the very book I am trying to get paid for, but still, not much activity means not a lot of readers coming through.

So, with all of that behind me, let me tell you that I have this great campaign and I have already hit my stated goal of $350. I would like to pass that number up a bit more than I already have because every additional dollar either goes towards increasing the size of my print run or toward marketing dollars. I had zero budget for marketing on my first book other than this website and one blog campaign. I would like to do a little more with it this time and see if I can’t get some decent exposure.

If you back the project you will be rewarded with copies of either the new or old book depending on how much you pledge. Click the link below and take a look.  You won’t regret becoming a backer to this project, and you’ll get to be one of the first people to read the sequel to Apocalypse Rising.


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