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The whispering sound of its voice resounded in Fleir’s ears. To listen to the words felt like a handful of razor claws were slicing through her mind. Steeling herself, she held back the pain to glare at the intruder. “You said you didn’t come here to fight. Then why are you here?”

The Dark Fey’s gaze turned toward Nyanna then back to Fleir. “To complete my part of a bargain. Nothing more and nothing you need to be concerned about.”

It took a moment for Fleir to understand the meaning behind the Dark Fey’s words. When she did, her eyes widened as a terrifying thought occurred to her. “You’ll not have her to feast on!”

The Dark Fey laughed so hard his darkened, wrinkled flesh looked ready to tear and fall off his body. “I cannot devour a child of Fey no more than you can, sister. But others wish to have her and I will fulfill my obligation.”

“Who?” Fleir struggled to find a way to trick the Dark Fey standing before her, but all she could think of to do was protect her daughter.

The Dark Fey remained still for a moment as he studied them. The emotions his Fey sister had for the child cascaded from her in powerful waves capable of drowningany not strong enough to rise above them. The more he looked at them, the more he remembered life with his sister before he was taken from the world of light. Such a thought was rare, but it carried a powerful spell he could never refuse. So with that, he decided to warn his Fey sister of the perils in their future. “Act quickly, Sister. The time for Darkness is near and we shall not be spared from his vengeance if we fail to move.”

Fleir’s face twisted in a confused scowl. She knew Dark Fey couldn’t be trusted, but there was something different about the being. There was something behind the cold, dark eyes she didn’t expect to see. “Whose vengeance? What Darkness?” She knew it had to be powerful to concern a Dark Fey and she tried to hide her growing fear. Why hadn’t she sensed anything?


Bialois, CP (2014-11-22). The Sword and the Flame: The Lightwalker (pp. 325-327). CP Bialois. Kindle Edition.

book Reviews C. P. Bialois

A few years have passed since the events of The Sword and the Flame: The Purging, and the group of friends responsible for saving the world have moved on. New tasks and realities replaced the lives of adventure left behind, but time moves ever forward and whispers of a new threat rattle those that know to be afraid. The Gods are maneuvering their chosen pawns about the playing field and the question is whether or not they will be in time to face an ancient darkness bent on returning to the world of Pyrain.


This is a good old fashioned fantasy novel that builds on the lives of characters from the previous books and introduces us some new characters and new menaces. There is a hint of political intrigue coupled with otherworldly menace that makes the story feel comfortable and familiar, but don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of twist to keep the reader guessing and gasping. This is a pretty quick read that is part of the larger epic story and it sets things in motion that leave the reader ready for more.


At times the pace seems to lag a bit, but that is to be expected in a book that seems like a transition from the first two books in the series to the next couple of books. The climactic finish in the book is here and gone before the reader can really appreciate the menace of the evil that threatens the heroes. The author mitigates this with the epilogue, but it feels a little like cheating. While reading the book it is easy to anticipate conflicts that never arise and the straight forward nature of the conflict is a wasted opportunity.


I enjoyed this book a lot. It is comfortable and familiar to the fan of Fantasy in me. I would definitely recommend this book with the caveat that you buy the other two books first. I am looking forward to the next book to see where the events of this book lead.

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